Showing Respect

Recently I’ve noticed that my Patron Grandmother Spirit has been upset with me. Looking back at it I can understand.

See Grandmother Spider came back into my life last Fall when I began rediscovering shamanism and the occult practices I’d let slide years ago. She appeared as a small white spider in my shower, who made a web and a home in one corner of my bathroom window. White spiders being the sign of rebirth.

I began tossing bugs into her web at first as a bit of a “hey, that’s cool” and then later as I progressed in my reacquaintance with shaman studies, I realized she was coming back into my Life.

It was also about this time I realized that Christianity was not longer filling the role it should for me. After some study and reflection I decided to see if I could establish a relationship with the ancient goddess Hecate.

I also decided that with the amount of cat related energy in my life, volunteering as I do at a local animal shelter and having now 4 fosters in my home, that veneration of the Egyptian goddess Bast was due.

I set up a small place of worship in my bedroom for both of these goddesses as well as a place for Grandmother Mugwort, since I was using her extensively as a protective incense during my studies.

The thing is you shouldn’t neglect your old partners for your new one, and that’s what I did.

The spider in my shower I had moved to a small habitat, and into my office on a shelf. And yet I was not giving her the respect I should have been doing, just going through the motions of finding bugs to offer her.

A week or more back, my spider avatar stopped eating my offerings. I would drop them into her webs and she would ignore them til they wiggled loose and dropped to the floor of her habitat.

This week I made her a true altar.

I’d never created a place of worship and veneration for any of the spirits I have been working with before. I should. That’s part of the agreement you make with them. Its a way to show respect.

I managed to find a good file of the picture I put up in my earlier post on avatars and patrons, and had it printed and framed.

I have a good sized bookcase that the habitat had been sitting on, but next to it I had an old printer I wasn’t using. Not the best veneration to your oldest patron, was it. I cleaned the bookcase up, and repositioned it, then put my occult books on it as a library.

I wanted a nice table cloth to go under the various items and on Friday stopped by a large local antique mall. Those places are good because if you walk them with respect and intent, opening your senses you never know what you might find.

I went in looking for a nice linen table cloth and found a knit crochet piece instead. It was among a whole bunch of other ones. Notice it was knitted in a pattern almost in the image of a spider on a web. Eight being the number of Spider.

The little blue candle holder was a really nice piece too. It holds the small tea candles well. I need to find something appropriate for incense, for now I’ve been burning a candle in the evening when I’m in my office.

Monday I’m going to a rock shop I know of and seeing if I can find a piece of polished amber which contains a spider. There are many of them millions of years old. I want something special. My way of apologizing to my first Patron.

Remember, don’t neglect the spirits that have your back.


One thought on “Showing Respect

  1. UPDATE: I didn’t have a chance until Wednesday to go to the rock shop. All their amber with insects were of flying ones like mosquitoes and nats. No spiders. Just before I left I found a stone with a image of a spider from the Nazca Plains carved into it. Very nice piece.


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