When Your Prayers and Devotions Go Stale

Has your prayers and devotionals gone stale?

This is more for the ones of us who have been following Hekate for some time, but for beginners who are first starting, being unsure of how and what you do to honor Her can be confusing and sometimes, what you come up with will just feel off.

The purpose of our prayers and rituals is to help us connect with Hekate, to help form a deeper and more satisfying relationship with Her. Unfortunately, all relationships have their ups and their downs.

Its not unusual to feel things going stale when you do anything repeatedly. When you are with a human person you can stop and ask what’s wrong but with the Gods, it can be frustrating. The way they communicate with us is subtle and often confusing.

I think it has to do with the two types of relationships people have with spirits like Hekate.

In the first type, for what ever reason Hekate appears to you in your Life in a personal and direct manner. And you know it too. Major signs, visits in your dreams, actions which let you know that She claims you and you better get ready for something major.

There’s less likelihood your devotionals and prayers will feel stale because you are receiving feedback and guidance. She’s there telling you what She wants from you.

The second type is where a person seeks out spiritual contact, guidance or help without a direct contact by the spirit. They go looking for a mentor and decide that Hekate is the one they want. Sometimes there are signs that She is the one, sometimes not. There’s just a feeling that She’s who you need.

This second type, of which I have, can lead to the impression that your prayers or devotionals aren’t right, especially if your contact back from Hekate isn’t intense and personal. Its easy to second guess yourself then.

I have my thoughts on why the difference but that’s for another post.

The good thing is, devotionals that feel stale can be corrected. The first step is realizing that it can happen, that is not the big problem that it might seem, and that you want to work through it and make things better.Here’s a good article which will give you some suggestions


For the past few months, I’ve had a similar staleness to my relationship with Hekate. I could say its because I’ve retired and am doing a ton of construction at the place I’m going to live going forward. I’m building an apartment in my sister’s basement and putting 400 sq feet of raised garden beds. My days are 7-8 hours of hard work, then a hot bath and often bed, 5-6 days a week. I could use that as an excuse but it would be untrue.

Honestly, my prayers and devotionals have gotten into a rut. I recognize there is a problem, and know I need to work through this to keep a relationship I care about. That I think is why the article caught my eye.

Perhaps it is Hekate’s way of saying “Do better”.

So have you had this happen to you? And how have you gotten through it?


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